Sentence Examples

  • The scantiness of historical tradition makes a final solution impossible, but the study of these years has an important bearing on the history of the later Judaean state, which has been characteristically treated from the standpoint of exiles who returned from Babylonia and regard them selves as the kernel of " Israel."
  • Fichte transformed this unity of the conscious self into a unity of all conscious selves, or a common consciousness; and this change enabled him to explain the unity of anything produced by the Ego by contending that it is not the different objects of different thinkers, but the one object of a pure Ego or consciousness common to them all.
  • And selves by transcending the religious limits of the Henry II.
  • In the Prussian parliament seventy-three Reaction members broke off from the rest, calling them- against selves the old Conservatives; they used their ~1bera~1 position at court to intrigue against him, and hoped to bring about his fall; Count Arnim (q.v.) was looked upon as his successor.
  • The Christian attainment is nothing else than the thorough intellectual grasp of the absolute idea and the identification of our essential selves with God.

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