Sentence Examples

  • In Selaginella the stelar systeim h do~ shows profounder modifications.
  • The leaves of the true mosses and those of the club-mosses (Lycopodium, Selaginella) being somewhat alike in general appearance and in ontogeny, might be, and indeed have been, regarded as homologous on that ground.
  • The single genus of this order (Selaginella) contains between three and four hundred species.
  • Selaginella is heterosporous, the megasporangia being often found towards the base of the cone.
  • Thus the position of the root in Selaginella is different from what obtains in the other Vascular Cryptogams. A point of interest in this heterosporous genus is that the formation of the prothallus may commence before the megaspore is liberated from the sporangium.

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