Sentence Examples

  • The most widely spread of the sedimentary beds belong to the Miocene period.'
  • So far as is known, the Malay Peninsula consists of an axial zone of crystalline rocks, flanked on each side by an incomplete band of sedimentary deposits.
  • The sedimentary deposits include slate, limestone and sandstone.
  • Schists in the common acceptance of that term are really highly crystalline rocks; fissile slates, shales or sandstones, in which the original sedimentary structures are little modified by recrystallization, are not included in this group by English petrologists, though the French schistes and the German Schiefer are used to designate also rocks of these types.
  • They are typical products of "regional" metamorphism, and are in nearly all cases older than the fossiliferous sedimentary rocks.

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