Sentence Examples

  • Scutum, mantle split anteriorly and reflected over shell, which has no slit.
  • - Scutum, seen from the pedal surface.
  • The dorsal area of the mesothorax, and also of the metathorax, may be made up of a series of sclerites arranged one behind the other - prescutum, scutum, scutellum and post-scutellum (fig.
  • (ii.) In Scrupocellaria, Menipea and Caberea a single, greatly dilated marginal spine, the "scutum" or "fornix," may protect the I'IG.
  • (I) first antenna; (6) tergum; (2) compound (7) biramous eye; feet; (3) liver; (8) carina; (4) simple eye; (9) cement (5) scutum; gland.

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