Sentence Examples

  • School-age children are starting to develop the cognitive skills necessary to understand basic monetary ideas, such as identifying coins, counting change, and matching small amounts of money to items they want to buy.
  • Further, if school-age children reside in the home and only one computer is available in the household, which you claim, can you reasonably assert the children do not use the 'business computer' for homework?
  • Ideally, school-age children with PKU should be taught to assume responsibility for managing their diets, recording food intake, and for performing simple blood tests to monitor their phenylalanine levels.
  • Since most school-age children are out of school for the summer, parents can feel comfortable outfitting them in easy-care garments that will stand up to lots of play dates and beach days.
  • More than 8 million school-age and 15 million pre-school-age children in the United States are placed in the charge of substitute care givers during the hours their mothers are working.