Sentence Examples

  • There are some tools of the trade that will help you: a UV light scanner to detect bloods samples; a laser light to show you fingerprints, markings or other residue; and a gas spectrometer to detect foul odors like decaying flesh.
  • Most of the time, digital files are created by way of a simple digital camera, but if you want to work on photographs taken with a film camera, you'll need a good scanner that renders clean, high-resolution images.
  • The issued blink cards have embedded chips utilizing RFID or Radio Frequency Identification Tags that transmit information to a reader once they are waved within an inch of the reader's scanner.
  • This paper described a study where researchers used an MRI brain scanner to watch the brain of a "famous mentalist" while he performed psychic exercises with ESP cards and other tasks.
  • Cashiers who are hired for workplaces where they use a station outfitted with a belt, scanner and chute for purchases tend to have fewer physical health complaints in the workplace.