Sentence Examples

  • The little Lake Frolikha, situated close to the northern extremity of Lake Baikal and communicating with it by means of a river of the same name, contains a peculiar species of trout, Salmo erythreas, which is not known elsewhere.
  • Genera: Cobitis, Amia, Silurus, Zeuthis, Loricaria, Salmo, Fistularia, Esox, Elops, Argentina, Atherina, Mugil, Mormyrus, Exocoetus, Polynemus, Clupea, Cyprinus.
  • Gesundheitsamte (1907), 26, p. 83, 4 pls; (55) Valentin, " U ber ein Entozoon im Blute von Salmo fario, " Muller's Arch., 4 1, P. 435; (56) O.
  • It is famous for the Loch Leven trout (Salmo levenensis, considered by some a variety of S.
  • These are the common trout and sea-trout (Salmo fario and S.

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