Sentence Examples

  • The waters of the lake swarm with fish (sturgeons and salmonidae), and its herring (Salmo omul) is the chief product of the fisheries, though notably fewer have been taken within the last forty or fifty years.
  • The little Lake Frolikha, situated close to the northern extremity of Lake Baikal and communicating with it by means of a river of the same name, contains a peculiar species of trout, Salmo erythreas, which is not known elsewhere.
  • Genera: Cobitis, Amia, Silurus, Zeuthis, Loricaria, Salmo, Fistularia, Esox, Elops, Argentina, Atherina, Mugil, Mormyrus, Exocoetus, Polynemus, Clupea, Cyprinus.
  • Gesundheitsamte (1907), 26, p. 83, 4 pls; (55) Valentin, " U ber ein Entozoon im Blute von Salmo fario, " Muller's Arch., 4 1, P. 435; (56) O.
  • It is famous for the Loch Leven trout (Salmo levenensis, considered by some a variety of S.