Sentence Examples

  • People living in rural areas have been raising backyard chickens for decades without any trouble, but diseases like avian flu have raised a number of concerns, as has the possibility of salmonella.
  • Not only should chicken be cooked thoroughly, until no pink juices flow, but all surfaces and utensils used on raw chicken must be carefully cleaned to prevent salmonella from contaminating other foods.
  • Ultimately, it was learned that, because the eggshell has tiny pores, even uncracked eggs which sat for a time on a surface (nest) contaminated with salmonella could themselves become contaminated.
  • Early in the infection, the blood is far more likely to positively show a presence of the salmonella bacterium when a sample is grown on a nutrient substance (culture) for identification purposes.
  • In cases in which other medical problems complicate the illness, prognosis depends on the severity of the other medical conditions, as well as the specific organ system infected with salmonella.