Sentence Examples

  • In 1856, at the very time when " border ruffians " were drawing their lines closer about the doomed town of Lawrence, Kansas, Sumner in the Senate (May 19-20) laid bare the Crime against Kansas."
  • It again, however, became the resort of pirates, and the names of many of the worst of these ruffians are associated with New Providence; the notorious Edward Teach, called Blackbeard, who was afterwards killed in action against two American ships in 1718, being chief among the number.
  • In 1893 the Ruffians besieged Melilla and 25,000 men had to be despatched against them.
  • In October of that year the Ruffians revolted from the Roghi and raided the mines, which remained closed until June 1909.
  • These ruffians proceeded to treat the capital as a conquered city, and it became necessary for all good citizens to organize themselves into a regular militia.