Sentence Examples

  • To discard irport yµEvov for eilxp'Y t o rov, or else designate it " so-called good," or even simply " good," if the context allowed.
  • This principle is that of the universal homogeneity of nature; all things are at bottom the same, or interaction would be impossible (7rhvra Ta g ovra lore TOU a, rov ETEpo1006Bal etym.
  • To consequent fact (6 roi 6u5r vvXXoyw J10s), and the other regressing a posteriori from consequent fact to real ground (6 rov On vvXXoycvµos).
  • This is an important incident, as being the first admission of a Gentile into the church: but he was already "Godfearing," 4000u,u€vos rov O 61' (Acts x.
  • Several works have been attributed to him, but they are all lost; some fragments are preserved in the extant TWV 'Apa-rov Kai EiMEov cbacvo thvwv E07ryilvEwv (30Xia Tpia of the astronomer Hipparchus (ed.

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