Sentence Examples

  • Jamborees are held in several states, and they typically include lots of off-road driving, training in trail preparedness and mechanics, and even methods for getting your Jeep out of difficult situations.
  • Most often equipped with a steering wheel, handlebars, a brake and a gas pedal, child size ATVs are easy for children to maneuver, yet impose enough challenge off-road to keep the ride fun.
  • With their realistic handling and optional off-road capabilities, battery powered ATVs for children are a great way to introduce both boys and girls to the pleasures of outdoor exploration.
  • This can include removing mold or algae from paving that might otherwise be a hazard, causing injury through slipping, or to remove extreme dirt from a vehicle that has been used off-road.
  • The Jamboree events are popular with off-road driving enthusiasts and environmentalists alike because they can reduce the impact of recreational driving on protected land.