Sentence Examples

  • Of the rest the most important are the Ornithologie provencale of Roux (2 vols.
  • Roux, La Litterature contemporaine en Italie (1871-1883), Paris, 1883.
  • For his trial see Buchez et Roux, Histoire parlementaire, xxvii.
  • His Brut or Geste des Bretons (Le Roux de Lincy, 1836-1838, 2 vols.), written in 1155, is merely a translation of Geoffrey of Monmouth.
  • They were to be supported by five bombarding monitors ("Marshal Soult," "Lord Clive," "Prince Eugene," "General Crawford," M24 and M26) and covered by five British destroyers ("Swift," "Faulknor," "Matchless," "Mastiff" and "Afridi"), with three British destroyers and six French torpedo boats attending on the monitors ("Mentor," "Lightfoot," "Zubian," "Lestin," "Capitaine Mehl," "Francis Gamier," "Roux," "Bouclier").

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