Sentence Examples

  • Sometime during the day, you'll probably get hungry and there are several fast food and restaurant options for you including Burger King, Cajun Grill, El Pollo Loco, Panda Express, Sbarro, Subway and more.
  • If you really love spicy food, buy a Cajun seasoning, or just look up and down the spice aisle (or the spice store) and pick out things that look and smell good to you.
  • Springtime on the Bayou--Includes cruising in the heart of Cajun country in Louisiana and sampling popular local dishes such as gumbo, crawfish pie, and jambalaya.
  • But they differ in the fact that Cajun cooking is based on French provincial cooking while Creole cooking is based on classical style cooking.
  • French-Canadians living near the St. Lawrence River and in the Cajun regions of Louisiana are at higher risk of having a child with TSD.