Sentence Examples

  • The word, as applied to the animal here described, occurs in most Germanic and Romanic languages: German, marder; Dutch, marter; Swedish, mard; Danish, maar; English, marteron, martern, marten, martin and martlett; French, marte and martre; Italian, martora and martorella; Spanish and Portuguese, marta.
  • A second Romanic name for the same animal is fuina, in French fouine.
  • Luban, frankincense, the first syllable being dropped in Romanic as if it were the article), a balsamic resin obtained from Styrax benzoin, a tree of considerable size, native to Sumatra and Java, and from other species of Styrax.
  • Bobr'; the root bhru has given "brown," and, through Romanic, "bronze" and "burnish."
  • ARSENAL, an establishment for the construction, repair, receipt, storage and issue of warlike stores; details as to materiel will be found under Ammunition, Ordnance, &c. The word "arsenal" appears in various forms in Romanic languages (from which it has been adopted into Teutonic), i.e.

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