Sentence Examples

  • My forefathers rigged the mines on the planet to explode.
  • He rigged the building but didn't blow it.
  • Directly opposite to him came a strange one-horse vehicle, evidently rigged up by soldiers out of any available materials and looking like something between a cart, a cabriolet, and a caleche.
  • The mines were rigged, and he'd never wanted to think he'd need to destroy his home in order to rid it of the blight affecting it.
  • They were divided into: prames, ship-rigged, of 35 metres long and 8 wide, carrying 12 guns; chaloupes cannonieres, of 24 metres long and 5 wide, carrying 5 guns and brig-rigged; bateaux cannoniers, of 19 metres long by 1.56 wide, carrying 2 guns and mere boats.