Sentence Examples

  • Henry's influence seems to have been resented by Ludolf, who in 946 had been formally designated as his father's successor.
  • The exchequer being drained by the payment of 10,000 pieces of gold to buy off the Gauls who had invaded their territories about 279 B.C., and by the imposition of an annual tribute which was ultimately raised to 80 talents, they were compelled to exact a toll on all the ships which passed the Bosporus - a measure which the Rhodians resented and avenged by a war, wherein the Byzantines were defeated.
  • By the end of the 15th century n he mountain had resumed much the same general aspect as it is resented before the eruption described by Pliny.
  • The nobles resented the king's withdrawal, and he was induced by Dunstan and Cynesige, bishop of Lichfield, to return to the feast.
  • Edwy naturally resented this interference, and in 957 Dunstan was driven into exile.

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