Sentence Examples

  • They were a handsome couple, the elegant woman's hair so fine and blonde it resembled white silk.
  • He corrected one other movement and slowed their pace until it resembled that of the youths being trained a short distance away.
  • The movement resembled those under the Campbells and Stone in Kentucky in 1801-1804, and in Lyndon, Vermont, among the Baptists in 1800.
  • Graham's work was developed by Liebig, who called into service many organic acids - citric, tartaric, cyanuric, comenic and meconic - and showed that these resembled phosphoric acid; and he established as the criterion of polybasicity the existence of compound salts with different metallic oxides.
  • The norimono resembled a miniature house slung by its roof-ridge from a massive pole which projected at either end sufficiently to admit the shoulders of a carrier.

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