Sentence Examples

  • Chances are, if you haven't found your sacrificial pair of pants at a resale shop, you've scoured your closet and have instead decided to donate your favorite, best fitting, most comfortable pair of denim blues to the cause.
  • Just because a few things don't function does not necessarily mean the home isn't worth the purchase; you may put a bit of money into repairs into a great home in a nice area with high resale prices and still end up saving.
  • If you purchase a car model that historically holds its resale value, this is also considered a lower risk by lenders, because the odds of ending up "upside down" on your loan (principle lower than value) is much lower.
  • You really do never know what you might find on the auction sites or at resale stores (or garage sales, for that matter) and you may be able to get something that was barely played with that your child will love.
  • Whether for equity building or resale value, choosing the right projects and carefully balancing remodeling costs with financial ability can help homeowners improve their homes and their wallets simultaneously.