Sentence Examples

  • If it doesn't, you'll at least go forth in life harboring the warm comfortable feeling that you aren't alone while you stare despondently into your blank television screen and wait for the repairman.
  • There is no landlord looking over your shoulder, but then again, there is also no one to call if something goes wrong, aside from the repairman, and you are the who will pay the repair bill.
  • SA: The Virtual Repairman is an intuitive new website application that allows customers to make informed decisions as to what parts might be required to repair their appliances.
  • When she was ten, a repairman taught Taylor how to play three different chords on the guitar, and this lead to her wanting to be involved with music.
  • The computer that runs much of the systems that make the colony livable is sentient, a fact apparently known only to the computer repairman, Manny.