Sentence Examples

  • Hickson, Ireland in the 17th Century (1884); Sir John Temple, History of the Irish Rebellion (1812); P. Walsh, History of the Remonstrance (1674); George Story, Impartial History of the Wars of Ireland (1693); Thomas Witherow, Derry and Enniskillen (1873); Philip Dwyer, Siege of Derry (1893); Lord Macaulay, History of England; and S.
  • Lafayette, who the 20th remained faithful to the constitution of 1791, ventured of June on a letter of remonstrance to the Assembly.
  • To the Premier's remonstrance that, after the recent verdict of the general election in favour of his policy, the Crown was not entitled to refuse its sanction, Constantine replied that in matters of foreign policy he did not consider himself bound to follow the national will, feeling himself " personally responsible to God alone."
  • His seal of arms is among those attached to the famous letter of remonstrance addressed by the barons of England to Pope Boniface VIII.
  • He began by making use of the necessity of resisting Monmouth to increase his army, under the pretext of the danger of a repetition of the late rebellion; and ir, the regiments thus levied he appointed many Roman Catholic officers who had refused to comply with the Test Act., Rather than submit to the gentlest remonstrance, he prorogued parliament, and proceeded to obtain from the court of kings bench a judgment in favor of his right to dispense with all penalties due by law, in the same way that his grandfather had appealed to the judges in the matter of the post-nati.

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