Sentence Examples

  • The act of presentation (Vorstellen) then becomes partly transformed into an effort, and its product, the idea, becomes in the same proportion less and less intense till a position of equilibrium is reached; and then at length the remainders coalesce.
  • Also, if the remainders when two numbers are divided by 9 are respectively a and b, the remainder when their product is divided by 9 is the same as the remainder when a.b is divided by 9.
  • In short division the divisor and the quotient are placed respectively on the left of and below the dividend, and the partial products and remainders are not shown at all.
  • The second, which is not essential to the method, is that the remainders are shown, but not the partial products; the remainders being obtained by working from the right, and using complementary addition.
  • In incomplete partition the quotient is 3, and the remainders 11 and 17 are in effect disregarded; if, after finding the quotient 3, we want to know what remainder would be produced by'a direct division, the simplest method is to multiply 3 by 2 4 0 and subtract the result from 935.

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