Sentence Examples

  • Through Brennan's subtle urging, the authorities, ultimate recipients of our tips, were learning to deny them outright or down playing their importance.
  • But though by some the benediction has thus been brought into connexion with the supreme means of grace, the sacrifice of the Mass, the blessing does not in itself confer grace and does not act on its recipients ex opere operato.
  • Thus a drunkard's or a madman's sacraments would only be mockery, even though the recipients received them in good faith and devoutly.
  • That Christ is in the sacrament only spiritually consumed by worthy recipients alone, the material body not being actually chewed.
  • One consequence of this view was that the unbelieving recipients are held to be as really partakers of the body of Christ in, with and under the bread as the faithful, though they receive it to their own hurt.

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