Sentence Examples

  • An improved method of preparation was found in the use of hippuric acid, which reacts with hydrazine hydrate to form hippuryl hydrazine, C 6 H 5 [[Conh Ch 2 Conh Nh]] 2, and this substance is converted by nitrous acid into diazo-hippuramide, C 6 H 5 [[Conh Ch 2 Co Nh N 2.0h]], which is hydrolysed by the action of caustic alkalis with the production of salts of hydrazoic acid.
  • The solution of arsenious oxide in water reacts acid towards litmus and contains tribasic arsenious acid, although on evaporation of the solution the trioxide is obtained and not the free acid.
  • Bamberger, Ber., 94, 7, 1955), C,H 5 CH: CH CH: NOH --4[C 6 H 5 CH: CH NH COH] -*C,H,N; by the action of hydriodic acid on the oxydichlorisoquinoline formed when phosphorus pentachloride reacts with hippuric acid; by the distillation of homophthalimide over zinc dust (M.
  • But its chief technical application depends upon the formation of sulphonic acids when it reacts with aromatic hydrocarbon residues; these compounds being important either as a step towards the preparation of hydroxy-compounds, e.g.
  • The NO 2 (or NO + 0) reacts upon SO 2 + H20, forming SO 5 NH 21 which, being extremely unstable, is at once oxidized to SO 5 NH (nitroso-sulphuric acid).

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