Sentence Examples

  • Rubidium, caesium, thallium, indium and gallium were first discovered by means of this instrument; the study of the rare earths is greatly facilitated, and the composition of the heavenly bodies alone determinable by it.
  • The salts of the acid are known as the perchlorates, and are all soluble in water; the potassium and rubidium salts, however, are only soluble to a slight extent.
  • RUBIDIUM [[[symbol]] Rb, atomic weight 85.45 (0= 16)], a metallic element belonging to the group of the alkali metals.
  • The best source of rubidium salts is the residue left after extracting lithium salts from lepidolite, the method of separation being based on the different solubilities of the platino-chlorides of potassium, rubidium and caesium in water (R.
  • The rubidium salts are generally colourless, mostly soluble in water and isomorphous with the corresponding potassium salts.

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