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  • Ot t: r S: rB?Ento English Miles g 60 70 So L He en Tillamo?.v9?°-'"'f °.
  • MPV/RB = loge(p'/p"), which corresponds with the effect of hydrostatic pressure, and is equivalent to the assumption that the vapour-pressure of the solution at the bottom of the column under pressure P must be equal to that of the pure solvent.
  • RUBIDIUM [[[symbol]] Rb, atomic weight 85.45 (0= 16)], a metallic element belonging to the group of the alkali metals.
  • It rapidly dissociates when heated in vacuo to 300° C. The existence of the oxide Rb 2 0 appears to be doubtful, the results of Erdmann and Kothner (loc. cit.) pointing to the formation of Rb0 2 by the direct union of the metal with dry oxygen.
  • The normal sulphide, Rb 2 S 4H 2 O, is colourless, and when heated in aqueous solution with the requisite amount of sulphur is transformed into the yellow tetrasulphide, Rb 2 S 4.2H 2 O.

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