Sentence Examples

  • Up to the revolutionary year 1830 his religious views had remained strongly tinged with rationalism, Hegel remaining his guide in religion as in practical politics and the treatment of history.
  • Pericles also incurred unpopularity because of his rationalism in religious matters; yet Athens in his time was becoming ripe for the new culture, and would have done better to receive it from men of his circle - Anaxagoras, Zeno, Protagoras and Meton - than from the more irresponsible sophists.
  • Lauder's charge of plagiarism (1750), attacking David Hume's rationalism in his Criterion of Miracles (1752), and the Hutchinsonians in his Apology for the Clergy (1755).
  • The answer seemed to be that it was the logic of Enlightenment rationalism itself that gave rise to such barbarism.
  • The 'birth of the clinic ' and the 'birth of the prison ' showed that rationalism could objectify people and become thereby tyrannical.

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