Sentence Examples

  • Branch of Raisin river, near the S.E.
  • They took part in the operations at Fort Wayne, Fort Meigs, the river Raisin and the Thames.
  • General James Winchester, whom Harrison had ordered to prepare to cross Lake Erie on the ice and surprise Fort Malden, turned back to rescue the threatened American settlement at Frenchtown (now Monroe), on the Raisin river, and there on the 22nd of January 1813 was forced to surrender to Colonel Henry A.
  • Raisin, "Rocks from Southern Abyssinia," Quart.
  • Dry wine grapes do best in the counties around San Francisco Bay, on unirrigated lands; while sweet wine stocks do best in Yolo, San Joaquin and the counties of the raisin grape, and on irrigated lands.