Sentence Examples

  • The resistance to motion round a curve has not been so systematically studied that any definite rule can be formulated applicable to all classes of rolling stock and all radii of curves.
  • The law, e.g., of the equality of the radii of a circle cannot be exhibited to sense, even if equal radii may be so exhibited.
  • The medusa has a pronounced radial symmetry, and the positions of the primary tentacles, usually four in number, mark out the so-called radii, alternating with which are four interradii.
  • In diameter, sometimes surmounted by trees in the midst of a treeless plain and sometimes arranged in circles and on radii, and decreasing in size with distance from the centre of the field - has been variously explained.
  • The radii, thicknesses, refractive indices and distances between the lenses, was solved by L.

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