Sentence Examples

  • Salted fish forms, along with boiled rice, one of the chief articles of food among the Burmese; and as the price of salted fish is gradually rising along with the prosperity and purchasing power of the population, this industry is on a very sound basis.
  • It would appear that the purchasing power of the inhabitants of India has increased of late years, and there is a growing demand for refined sugar, fostered by the circumstance that modern processes of manufacture can make a quality of sugar, broadly speaking, equal to sugar refined by animal charcoal, without using charcoal, and so the religious objections to the refined sugars of old days have been overcome.
  • In England, in the middle ages, the king was accustomed to send in to the mint the produce of his own silver mines, and claimed the exclusive privilege of purchasing the precious metals.
  • Along the river on both sides " and so far into the country as the situation of the occupyers will permit " by purchasing the same from the Indians and planting upon it a colony of fifty persons, upwards of 15 years old, within four years from the beginning of the undertaking, one-fourth part within one year; and that any private person might with the approval of the director-general and council take up as much land as he should be able to improve.
  • Disarmament, roads and land-purchasing enabled settlement to make headway again in the North Island of ter twelve years of stagnation.

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