Sentence Examples

  • Its construction drew much attention to the subject of masonry dams in England - where the earthwork dam, with a wall of puddled clay, had hitherto been almost universal - and since its completion nine more masonry dams of smaller size have been completed.
  • Into this trench socalled " puddled clay," that is, clay rendered plastic by kneading with water, is filled and thoroughly worked with special tools, and trodden in layers.
  • However well the work may be done, the lower part of a mass of puddled clay invariably settles into a denser mass when weighted with the clay above.
  • Unless such places are carefully dug out or re-puddled before the work of filling is resumed, the percolation may increase along the vertical plane where it is greatest, by the erosion and falling in of the clay roof, as in the other cases cited.
  • It resembles the Casa Grande ruin of Chihuahua, Mexico, with its walls of sundried puddled clay, and its area of rooms, courts and plazas, surrounded by a wall.

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