Sentence Examples

  • Diagnosis of these disorders usually requires consultation and assessment by a specialist in childhood developmental disorders, such as a child psychiatrist, pediatric neurologist, neuropsychologist, or developmental child psychologist.
  • In 1956, psychiatrist Erik Erikson provided an insightful description as to how personality develops based on his extensive experience in psychotherapy with children and adolescents from low, upper, and middle-class backgrounds.
  • Roxy moves on base with new husband Trevor and meets the wives of other officers and servicemen including Claudia Joy, Denise and Pamela as well as Roland, an army base psychiatrist and the husband of a deployed soldier.
  • Self-mutilation is usually diagnosed by a psychiatrist or psychotherapist upon referral from a family member, physician, nurse, or social worker who has noticed scars, bruises, or other physical evidence of self-injury.
  • Schools that accept at-risk children and adolescents require psychological and educational testing, as well as references or recommendations from a professional (usually a psychologist, psychiatrist, or therapist).