Sentence Examples

  • A 2004 survey showed that nearly 14.8 percent of adult Americans met diagnostic criteria for personality disorders as defined by the American Psychiatric Association's Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders.
  • Several clinical studies have shown that MST has improved family relations, decreased adolescent psychiatric symptoms and substance use, increased school attendance, and decreased re-arrest rates for adolescents in trouble with the law.
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy (the process of changing your thoughts to change your behavior) is one of the most effective forms of therapy for many psychiatric disorders, addictions and their symptoms, including pathological lying.
  • First described in 1889, trichotillomania is a psychiatric disorder, the result of which is alopecia or hair loss, caused by repeated pulling of one's hair from, most often the head, followed by the eyelashes and eye brows.
  • Although it may feel like every kid on the street is an ADHD teenager or child, in reality, the American Psychiatric Association says true cases of ADHD only occur in three to five percent of children in the United States.