Sentence Examples

  • But the protocerebrum contains the ganglia of the ocular segment in addition to those of the procephalic lobes.
  • Ence of one, and only one, prosthoII, Coelom of the second mere in Peripatus, of which the somite which carries the " protocerebrum," P, is the neuromandibles (hence deu mere, whilst the deuterocerebrum, terognathous).
  • The Chaetopod in Peripatus is not P, Protocerebrum or fore clearly ascertained, nor is its fate most cerebral mass be indicated by the study of the emlonging to the first bryonic head of other Arthropods so somite.
  • Probably it is fused with the D, Deuterocerebrum, consist protocerebrum, and may also be ing of ganglion cells be concerned in the history of the very longing to the second or peculiar paired eyes of Peripatus, mandibular somite.
  • 5), and by two neuromeres, the protocerebrum and the deuterocerebrum.