Sentence Examples

  • More important are Kekule's observations that nitrous acid oxidizes pyrocatechol or [I.2]-dioxybenzene, and protocatechuic acid or [3.4]- dioxybenzoic acid to dioxytartaric acid, (C(OH) 2 COOH) 2 (Ann., 1883, 221, p. 230); and 0.
  • The prism formula also received support from the following data: protocatechuic acid when oxidized by nitrous acid gives carboxytartronic acid, which, on account of its ready decomposition into carbon dioxide and tartronic acid, was considered to be HO C(COOH) 3.
  • The latter when heated with hydrochloric acid to 170°, or water to 200°, separates carbon with the formation of protocatechuic acid, I.
  • Conversely, by heating protocatechuic acid with potash and methylene iodide, piperonylic acid was regained.
  • Alkali fusion of eugenol gives protocatechuic acid.

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