Sentence Examples

  • The 12th century exhibits the decay of liberal intellectual activity in the Caliphate, and the gradual ascendancy of Turkish races animated with all the intolerance of semi-barbarian proselytes to the Mahommedan faith.
  • Proselytes to the number of ioo,000 are said to have been obtained within fourteen years.
  • Baptism was long before the advent of Jesus imposed on proselytes, and existed inside Judaism itself.
  • The uncertainty as to the literary structure of the epistle naturally renders it hazardous to infer the character of the Christians who are addressed, but it may be said that the results of the long debate on this point are converging upon the belief that the predominant class in the local church or churches were Gentile Christians, while proselytes must have swelled the ranks to no inconsiderable degree.
  • To Fenelon such employment was clearly uncongenial; and if he was rather too ready to employ unsavoury methods - such as bribery and espionage - among his proselytes, his general conduct was kindly and statesmanlike in no slight degree.

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