Sentence Examples

  • Of the occasion, plan and object of his work he has himself informed us in the prologues to his first, second, fifth and sixth books.
  • Even less in touch with the living present were the various prologues and Festspiele, such as Paldophron and Neoterpe (1800), Was wir bringers (1802), which in these years he composed for the Weimar theatre.
  • From the Greek authors only a few notices have been preserved, especially by Justin (and in the prologues of Trogus) and Strabo; for the later times we get some information from the Byzantine authors and from Persian and Armenian sources; cf.
  • Quinet published a prose epic on the subject in 1833, and Eugene Sue, in his best-known work, Le Juif errant (1844), introduces the Wandering Jew in the prologues of its different sections and associates him with the legend of Herodias.
  • Prologues were added to all books except the Acts and the Apocalypse, and new marginal glosses were introduced.

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