Sentence Examples

  • Look closely at the format and content of any prewritten letters that you share with your references so you can be certain that they reflect the level of professionalism necessary to help you secure employment.
  • By wearing professional clothing that is appropriate for the environment in which you work, you convey an image of polish and professionalism that inspires others to have confidence in your abilities.
  • The purpose of a query letter is to allow an editor to quickly gauge your writing style, your sense of professionalism, and whether or not the idea you're proposing is suitable for the publication.
  • When reporters go to journalism school, they learn a number of skills and journalistic procedures that adds significantly to the professionalism and abilities of a mainstream journalist.
  • If you are looking for a professional real estate inspector, Illinois state licensing laws will go a long way to protect you against shoddy quality and less-than stellar professionalism.