Sentence Examples

  • Look closely at the format and content of any prewritten letters that you share with your references so you can be certain that they reflect the level of professionalism necessary to help you secure employment.
  • By wearing professional clothing that is appropriate for the environment in which you work, you convey an image of polish and professionalism that inspires others to have confidence in your abilities.
  • Kat Von D is not only an inspiration to the entire tattoo industry, her success and passion in her craft proves that commitment and professionalism in any field can be rewarding.
  • How you answer your phones, everything you send out, display, hand out or link to, must present an image of success and can-do professionalism, even if you lack a track record.
  • Whether you're an instructor or machinist, fundraiser or lawyer, fry cook or sales director, presenting yourself with confidence and professionalism help you come alive on paper.