Sentence Examples

  • The king was prematurely old, the Black Prince's health was broken.
  • The Greeks, advancing prematurely over broken ground and in no sort of order, were fallen upon in flank by d feat at Reshid's horsemen, and fled in panic terror.
  • Section A, which receives extra allowances, is liable to be called up in a minor emergency; section B is the general reserve; section C, also part of the general reserve, consists of men who have been sent to the reserve prematurely; section D (which is often suspended) consists of men who at the expiry of their twelve years' engagement undertake a further four years' reserve liability.
  • His death occurred prematurely on the 27th of August 1898, when he was killed, together with one son and two daughters, by an accident the nature of which was never precisely ascertained, while climbing the Petite Dent de Veisivi, above Evolena.
  • Dennis in 1882, has been made and prematurely brought to an end by lack of funds.

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