Sentence Examples

  • He's forever in that stage that precedes a perfect storm.
  • It was formerly assumed, and the view is still held, that the foliage-leaf was the primitive form from which all others were derived, mainly on the ground that, in ontogeny, the foliage-leaf generally precedes the sporophyll.
  • This, however, is not the case, because the greater part of the transformation precedes the disclosure of the pupa, which, as L.
  • A real number is a class (a, say) of rational numbers which satisfies the condition that it is the same as the class of those rationals each of which precedes at least one member of a.
  • Thus, consider the class of rationals less than 2r; any member of this class precedes some other members of the class - thus 1/2 precedes 4/3, 3/2 and so on; also the class of predecessors of predecessors of 2 2.

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