Sentence Examples

  • - Diagram of a typical Hydropolyp. Hydranth; Hydrocaulus; Hydrorhiza; Tentacle; Perisarc, forming in the region ' of the hydranth a cup or hydrotheca(h, t), - which, however,is only found in polyps of the order Calyptoblastea.
  • - All known hydropolyps possess the power of reproduction by budding, and the buds produced may become either polyps or medusae.
  • Upon the polyps FIG.
  • The polyps are all non-sexual individuals whose function is purely nutritive.
  • After a time the polyps, or certain of them, produce by budding medusa-individuals, which sooner or later develop sexual elements; in some cases, however, the founder_ polyp remains solitary, that is to say, does not produce polypbuds, but only medusa-buds, from the first (Corymorpha, fig.

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