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  • We also owe much of our knowledge of the alkaloid piperine to Fittig, who in collaboration with Ira Remsen established its constitution in 1871.
  • Piperidine or hexa-hydropyridine, C 5 H 11 N, was first obtained in 1848 by distilling piperine with lime.
  • It is formed in the hydrolysis of piperine by alcoholic potash, by the reduction of trimethylene cyanide (A.
  • Piperine, conine, atropine, belladonine, cocaine, hyoscyamine and nicotine have been already synthesized; the constitution of several others requires confirmation, while there remain many important alkaloids - quinine, morphine, strychnine, &c. - whose constitution remains unknown.
  • (1) Pyridine group. Piperine; conine; trigonelline; arecaidine; guvacine; pilocarpine; cytisine; nicotine; sparteine.

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