Sentence Examples

  • This story is probably the historic basis of the legend of the " Pied Piper of Hamelin."
  • White, pied and buff turkeys are also often seen, and if care be taken they are commonly found to " breed true."
  • Fred O'Connor beat a hasty retreat out the back door, looking like the Pied Piper with Donnie and Martha tagging behind, the Annie Quincy notebook under his arm.
  • On the east coast peafowl are found, and throughout the interior the argus pheasant, the firebacked pheasant, the blue partridge, the adjutantbird, several kinds of heron and crane, duck, teal, cotton-teal, snipe, wood-pigeon, green-pigeon of several varieties, swifts, swallows pied-robins, hornbills, parakeets, fly-catchers, nightjars, and many other kinds of bird are met with frequently.
  • - Pied Duck (Somateria labradora), male and female.