Sentence Examples

  • Of these two have been identified, one called calabarine, and the other, now a highly important drug, known as physostigmine- or occasionally as eserine.
  • For the use of the oculist, who constantly employs this drug, it is also prepared in lamellae for insertion within the conjunctival sac. Each of these contains one-thousandth part of a grain of physostigmine sulphate, a quantity which is perfectly efficient.
  • Physostigmine has no action on the unbroken skin.
  • Physostigmine, indeed, stimulates nearly all the non-striped muscles in the body, and this action upon the muscular coats of the arteries, and especially of the arterioles, causes a great rise in blood-pressure shortly after its absorption, which is very rapid.
  • The respiration is at first accelerated by a dose of physostigmine, but is afterwards slowed and ultimately arrested.

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