Sentence Examples

  • Harvey proceeds to contrast this view with that of the " Medici," or followers of Hippocrates and Galen, who, " badly philosophizing," imagined that the brain, the heart, and the liver were simultaneously first generated in the form of vesicles; and, at the same time, while expressing his agreement with Aristotle in the principle of epigenesis, he maintains that it is the blood which is the primal generative part, and not, as Aristotle thought, the heart.
  • But such a temper of mind is much more akin to scepticism than to mysticism; it is characteristic of those who either do not feel the need of philosophizing their beliefs, or who have failed in doing so and take refuge in sheer acceptance.
  • No doubt these airy paradoxes were not always seriously taken; but it is significant that a common Roman proverb identified "philosophizing" (philosophatur) with thinking out some dirty trick.
  • For the sake of clearness it seems desirable to keep for the future the term "relativity of knowledge" to the first meaning explained above: for the second meaning it has been superseded in contemporary philosophizing by the terms "subjectivism," "subjective idealism," and, for its extreme form, "solipsism" (q.v.).
  • They were followed by an age of philosophizing which did little to advance speculation.

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