Sentence Examples

  • The quarrel with Madame d'Epinay, with Diderot, and through them with the philosophe party reversed this.
  • He also published separately some juridical and physical theses, and a German translation of Memoires du philosophe de Merian.
  • He had the assistance of various members of the philosophe coteries in his most important work, L'Histoire philosophique et politique des etablissements et du commerce des Europeens dans les deux Indes (Amsterdam, 4 vols., 1770).
  • His chief works are: Essais de critique generale (1854-64), Science de la morale (1869), Uchronie (1876), Esquisse d'une classification syste'matique des doctrines philosophiques (1885-86), Philosophie analytique de l'histoire (1896-97), Histoire et solution des problemes me'taphysiques (1901); Victor Hugo: Le Poete (1893), Le Philosophe (1900); Les Dilemmes de la metaphysique pure (1901); Le Personnalisme (1903); Critique de la doctrine de Kant (1906, published by L.
  • Bossuet can only be thought of as the high-priest of authority and common-sense; but Fenelon has been made by turns into a sentimentalist, a mystical saint, an 18th-century philosophe, an ultramontane churchman and a hysterical hypocrite.