Sentence Examples

  • DIPHENYL (phenyl benzene), CGH5.C6H5, a hydrocarbon found in that fraction of the coal-tar distillate boiling between 240-300° C., from which it may be obtained by warming with sulphuric acid, separating the acid layer and strongly cooling the undissolved oil.
  • Aniline combines directly with alkyl iodides to form secondary and tertiary amines; boiled with carbon disulphide it gives sulphocarbanilide (diphenyl thio-urea), CS(NHC 6 H 5) 2, which may be decomposed into phenyl mustard-oil, C 6 H 5 CNS, and triphenyl guanidine, C 6 H 5 N: C(NHC6H5)2.
  • Fittig and Erdmann's observation that phenyl isocrotonic acid readily yielded a-naphthol by loss of water was of much importance, since it afforded valuable evidence as to the constitution of naphthalene.
  • The truxillic acids, C,8H1504, which result by the hydrolytic splitting of truxilline, C38H46N208, are phenyl derivatives of cyclo-butane.
  • For phenyl derivatives of the cyclo- pentane group see F.

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