Sentence Examples

  • Weight loss is sometimes temporary, and maintenance of weight loss after discontinuing the phentermine diet pill is highly dependent on healthy eating habits and continued exercise.
  • Phentermine, a widely used diet pill, is most commonly recognized because of its reputation: in combination with fenfluramine, it made up the infamous Fen/Phen diet drug.
  • Phentermine - Phentermine is an appetite suppressant marketed under a variety of names including Adipex-P, Supramine, Phentride, and others.
  • The phentermine diet pill is marketed under a number of brand names, including Adipex, Fastin, Obephen, Parmine, Teramin, and Phentrol.
  • Use of phentermine can sometimes cause dry mouth, so patients using this drug should take extra care in their oral hygiene habits.