Sentence Examples

  • Modern researches (see Radioactivity) on the complex nature of the atom have a little shaken the belief in the absolute permanence of matter.
  • Yet no one can doubt the sincerity of her narrative, or even the permanence of her religious feelings under all her many phases of faith and aberrations of conduct.
  • The indigenous inhabitants; and the rapid succession of conquerors, Lombards, Franks and Germans following each other at no long interval, and each endeavouring to weaken the remaining strength of his predecessor, prevented this alien hierarchy from acquiring ixity by permanence of tenure.
  • For example, the notion of conflict (7r6Xeµos) as the father of all things and of harmony as arising out of a union of discords, and again of an endeavour by individual things to maintain themselves in permanence against the universal process of destruction and renovation, cannot but remind one of certain fundamental ideas in Darwin's theory of evolution.
  • THE TROPIcAL REGI0N.The permanence of continents and great oceans was first insisted upon by J.

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